Decorate Wooden Easter Eggs


Why not start a new tradition in your home and decorate wooden eggs? They are unbreakable, cruelty-free, and will be enjoyed for many years to come! You can even date the eggs so your kids can remember when they made them! I think this is a great keepsake, and great way to remember this special time! We also have some tips to help you dye these wooden eggs.

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• In a stainless steel or glass bowl, mix 8 cups of boiling water with Rit dye powder (recipes at
• Submerge wood until desired color is achieved, agitating gently (up to 30 minutes)
• Wood will dry lighter than when wet
• For darker or more concentrated color, leave in longer
• Let dry overnight on paper towels
• To seal (optional): spray with polyurethane, a clear acrylic spray, dip in varnish, or paint with a high gloss nail polish sealer such as Seche Vite

Inspiration Images to Dye your Wooden Eggs:

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