Designer Tennis Balls for the US Open


To celebrate the U.S. Open in true (super-luxe) fashion, Vogue commissioned 12 designers to create signature tennis balls — and they didn’t disappoint.

From rhinestones to pearls, here are some of their incredible blinged-out tennis balls:


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  • Maria Sharapova 2 of 6
    Maria Sharapova
    This tennis-pro-turned-candy-designer decorated her tennis ball with her signature lip logo — and then made some edible versions to go with it.
    Photo: John Manno for Vogue
  • Rag & Bone 3 of 6
    Rag & Bone
    Perhaps Marcus Wainwright and David Neville are trying to tell us that they're secretly not tennis fans at all.
    Photo: John Manno for Vogue
  • Tory Burch 4 of 6
    Tory Burch
    Tory Burch used her first-ever print via 2004 as her design inspiration.
    Photo: Tory Burch
  • Fenton 5 of 6
    Designer Dana Lorenz designed her tennis ball with her own signature pearls and chains.
    Photo: John Manno for Vogue
  • Erickson Beamon 6 of 6
    Erickson Beamon
    According to Karen Erickson, "When a ball has razzle-dazzle, it's easier to hit. When a girl plays tennis, she might as well sparkle."
    Photo: John Manno for Vogue

 See all 12 designer U.S. tennis balls at Vogue.



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