Despicable Me - The Sleepy Kittens Become Real (Plus Trailer!)


If you see the new film Despicable Me there is one piece of literature that is featured in the movie that will stand out in the film. A book that elicits puzzlement, wonder and very sleepy little girls. The one and only Sleepy Kittens.

The board book Sleepy Kitten is featured in the film as the go-to bedtime book for the three animated orphans. But there is one problem. While the girls adore the book, Gru – their adopted father who happens to be a villain- not so much.  He has the experience that many a parent has had when reading an oversimplified, corny and hackneyed tome. He asks out loud, “who writes this?!?” But while he scoffs at the simplistic style, the girls slowly nod off.  It worked it’s magic.  And the magic has become real…

A couple weeks ago I was able to participate in an awesome round table interview session with the vocal cast of the film like Steve Carell, Jason Segel and the one and only Julie Andrews! At our welcome cocktail party there were copies of Sleepy Kittens strewn around the table. I couldn’t believe it was real. The Sleepy Kittens board book – complete with the finger puppets – was made into a reality.

When I brought the book home to my daughter the smile she had plastered on her face was priceless. She couldn’t wait to have it read to her at bedtime. And although I was tempted to do Gru’s gravelly voice while reading it, I resisted. Which was wise, since she asked me to read it three times in a row and I don’t think my vocal chords could handle that kind of performance. But it does prove that kids, animated and not, do love their Sleepy Kittens. Available from Amazon here for $7.99

PHOTO: Universal Pictures