Did You Make a Get In Shape Resolution?


vintage boxing gloves red leather Etsy

I haven’t made my 2011 goals yet. Have you? I’m sure some form of “getting in shape” will be on my list.

I was remembering several years ago when I acquired a punching bag and boxing gloves to celebrate the new year. (Sidenote: the punching bag was given to me by LizStan’s mother. This was before LizStan was married to my brother. Which is another story…) I loved having that punching bag in our little New York apartment. It looked cool and it was a great way to keep my cool when my house of 3 kids, age 4 and under, was driving me crazy.

We gave away the punching bag a couple of years later when I no longer used it, but I saw these vintage red leather boxing gloves and I wondered if I should start boxing again to get in shape for 2011. (Or maybe I just want those awesome looking gloves!)

Do you have any plans for exercise in 2011? Any favorite exercise videos or gym classes? I’m the worst at establishing a regular exercise routine, but I’d love to be better!