Disneyland and Your Smart Phone: MFEO


Here is a question that Brandon and I kept asking each other over and over during the three days we toured the parks at Disney World: How in on earth did anybody survive these parks before cell phones?? No really.

Surely the idea is ridiculous.

After the jump, the many uses of a cell phone at Disneyland. We couldn’t possibly have done Disneyland parks right without them. There’s just no way.

  • Check In On Facebook Using GeoTagging 1 of 9
    Check In On Facebook Using GeoTagging
    Of all the things in the world, my mom is a huge fan of "checking in" places using her Facebook mobile app on her iPhone. It's hysterical, but I can see the appeal. Just a quick note to rub it in. Julie is at Disneyland. Hah!
  • Check Wait Times, Show Times, And Find Menus 2 of 9
    Check Wait Times, Show Times, And Find Menus
    Here's something most Disneylanders don't know: There's a plaque at the intersection of Main Street USA and Adventure Land where you can check in on the approximate wait times on all your favorite rides, as well as upcoming parade and show times. Did you know that? Chances are you're not anywhere near that plaque right now. Guess what! There's an app for that. The Verizon Mobile Magic app was a LIFESAVER for us at Disney World this year. We could look up menus at restaurants and avoid long lines for food we weren't in the mood for, we could see at a glance which rides had the shortest lines (and which were too long, necessitating a Fast Pass), we could locate the closest bathrooms, we could know if it was worth trekking to the castle or if they were shutting down for the fireworks. It was AMAZING.
  • There Are How Many Calories In A Churro?! 3 of 9
    There Are How Many Calories In A Churro?!
    I don't think you really want to know, but in case you're visiting Disney and aren't interested in derailing your fitness and nutritional goals, there's an app for that. (For the record, I hear Dole Whips are surprisingly low calorie!)
  • Make All Your Friends InstaJealous 4 of 9
    Make All Your Friends InstaJealous
    Oh, Instagram. The HumbleBragGram. Instagram was my best friend when I was at Disneyland. Those filters? Dreamy.
  • Text At Each Other When You Get Lost Or Separated 5 of 9
    Text At Each Other When You Get Lost Or Separated
    Also good for, "But I don't want to ride Big Thunder again, I want Caption EO!" I mean, how did we ever accomodate different ride preferences before? Crazy.
  • The Reverse Camera After You’ve Ridden Splash Mountain 6 of 9
    The Reverse Camera After You've Ridden Splash Mountain
    Is all your make up in place? Your hair okay? Good. Next ride?
  • Take Millions Of Photos 7 of 9
    Take Millions Of Photos
    I always recommend bringing your nice camera when visiting the parks. Photo ops at every turn! But I almost prefer the low-stress alternative of just whipping out your phone and grabbing a photo. With all the photo editing apps available, you're sure to be able to turn that poorly lit snapshot into a timeless keepsake!
  • Call Your Family From The Line At Peter Pan 8 of 9
    Call Your Family From The Line At Peter Pan
    This is a true story, when I was a freshman in college my mother called me from the line at Peter Pan. My family was supposed to be at the Grand Canyon on a family reunion (which I had to miss for finals, but didn't mind too badly), but the story goes that when my dad got to the Grand Canyon and realized how close they were to Anaheim, they just kept on driving. I sure hope they felt guilty going to Disneyland without me. That phone call made me so mad! Hah. I'll never be able to wait on line for Peter Pan without remembering my traitorous family. ;)
  • Just How Far Have We Walked?! 9 of 9
    Just How Far Have We Walked?!
    Disney is a walking affair, and by the time you've crossed from Tomorrow Land to Frontier Land and on through to Fantasy Land, you could be wracking up some major mileage points. Just how many? There's an app for that! Now you know how many treats you can afford to eat, since you're burning so many calories! ;)

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