Disneyland Paris


So here’s the deal. We have lived in France for almost 2 years now, and we still haven’t been to Disneyland Paris. I am such a Disneyland fan girl, that I thought it was a no brainer — that we’d make at least a few visits there. And really, we still plan to!

I have a picture in my head of a family movie showing my now-French-speaking-daughters chatting with Belle in her yellow dress. Tres charmante!

We’ve had tons of visitors since we moved here, and many have Disneyland Paris as part of their travel plans. Other feel like Disney is something they can do in the U.S. and want to spend their time here at cathedrals and museums. I’m curious: if you were taking a trip to Paris with your kids, would Disneyland Paris be on your itinerary? Are there any particular home movies you’ve been dying to capture?


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