A Brilliant Way to Display Family Photos


large family photos

Traditional family photo displays are feeling a little stale so why not switch things up a bit by going large scale? You can do it for as little as $5 and it definitely makes a statement. Here are ten ideas of how other stylish people implemented the idea into their home and made it their own.

  • Head Shots 1 of 10
    Head Shots
    The seriousness of these portraits reminds me of model head shots.
    Photo credit: Kelly Stuart for The Glow
  • $5 Prints 2 of 10
    $5 Prints
    For a more casual look, get the photos printed at your local copy store and pin them to the wall.
    Link: Freshly Picked
  • Landscape 3 of 10
    I love the landscape sizing of these portraits.
    Link: Leibowitz and Mclachlan on Desire to Inspire
  • Uniform 4 of 10
    Take a photo of your children on the same background for a uniform look.
    Link: Sara Hicks Malone on Decor8
  • Gallery 5 of 10
    The portraits don't have to be the lone rangers on the wall. Mix them in with other art to create a display.
    Link: Jen Altman on Design Sponge
  • Living Room Display 6 of 10
    Living Room Display
    Every time you sit down on the couch, you'll glimpse at your family and smile.
    Link: Daffodil Design
  • Minimal 7 of 10
    With the plain background and white and black printing these photos, though large, don't overwhelm.
    Link: Eden Lang
  • Snapshot 8 of 10
    The photo doesn't have to be professional to be blown-up. This one is just a snapshot.
    Photo credit: Patrick Cline for Lonny
  • Quirky in the Kitchen 9 of 10
    Quirky in the Kitchen
    Bring some fun into the kitchen with a different take on the family portrait.
    Link: The Ten Cent Designer
  • Color Pop 10 of 10
    Color Pop
    I love the interest these oversize, candid portraits bring to the room.
    Photo credit: Patrick Cline for Lonny

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