A Genius New Way to Buy Your Glasses Online!


As a glasses wearing lady, I love the amount of options we have for buying eyewear online. A lot of sites even let you upload a photo of yourself to see how your potential new glasses will look, which is fantastic! But there’s a new site that takes it one step further. It’s a brilliant idea…

Ditto is a new online glasses shop that uses your webcam to upload a video of yourself. They then take that video and fit a pair of 3D glasses to you, so you can see how they look from all angles. Genius, right? I am so excited about it, it’s a little crazy.

They have designer glasses from names like Chloé, Ray-Ban, Jason Wu, and Selima Optique. The prices are in line with the names, so it’s not the least expensive option around, but it is the most fun. Try it out!

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