DIY Tricks and Treats from Amy Atlas


DIY trick or treat bags halloween amy atlas

I love sweets and I love pretty displays. Which means Amy Atlas (of the famous dessert tables) is one of my favorite people. If you’re hosting a Halloween party for the kiddies this year, Amy’s got the goods. Find DIY directions for these darling candy cups, plus fun trick-or-treat bags, after the jump.

Candy Cups
Amy made these with her own kids (ages 5 and 6) — so you know it can be done.  You can have them fill up the cups with all of the colorful candy. Here’s what you’ll need:

-Wilton cups (or cupcake wrappers)
-Scrap book paper of choice (there are lots of great Halloween patterns available now at Michaels)
-Baker’s Twine
-1/8 inch hole punch
-Halloween candy

Cut scrapbook paper to fit around the cups or cupcake wrappers. Holding the scrapbook paper in place, hole punch through the scrapbook paper and cup. Wrap twine through and tie in knot. Fill with your favorite candy!

DIY trick or treat bags halloween amy atlas

Trick or Treat Bags
-Paper Sacks by Paper Reflections (I purchased at Michaels)
-Black Scrapbook paper
Martha Stewart’s Trick or Treat Punch
-Orange pom ribbon

Fill up your paper sacks with candy. Fold over your paper sacks. Use your craft punch to create trick or treat tags (Amy had her kids do this step). String the pom ribbon through the tag and drape over the bag. You can also secure the ribbon by tying around the bag.

Aren’t those fun and easy ideas? Thanks for sharing, Amy. Happy making, everybody!