Do You Need a Baby Bullet Blender?


baby food blender Baby Bullet

Friends. Tell me your thoughts on specialized baby gear. A Baby Bullet blender system showed up on my door the other day and it has me thinking.

I’m usually a less-is-more fan (who has room to store another appliance?), but I make baby food for Baby June often. In fact, pretty much every day I blend some tiny portion for her in our full-size blender and it’s kind of a pain. It’s hard to get the tiny blended portion out of the blender and it’s a lot of work to clean the blender for such a small amount of food.

Apparently, the Baby Bullet will blend up very small individual portions really easily. Which seems like it could be helpful. And it comes with all sorts of accessories and miniature storage containers. Which also seems helpful.

Confession. I haven’t actually tried the Baby Bullet. And I probably won’t. Since we’re moving abroad and will be storing our belongings for the next year, it doesn’t make sense to introduce another counter appliance to our kitchen. Instead, I’ll find a local neighbor or friend that could put the Baby Bullet to good use and pass it along while it’s nice and new and untouched. But I am quite curious about it.

I have lots of questions: Do you make your own baby food? Have you used a Baby Bullet? Did it make your life easier? Did you use it beyond your baby’s first year?

P.S. — If you haven’t seen one in person (I hadn’t), they’re actually quite good looking. The shade of green is lovely. Very Martha-esque.

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