Dr. Seuss Birthday: Celebrate with Dr. Seuss!


The late Dr. Seuss would be turning 107 years old tomorrow, so Seussville is gearing up for a birthday bash to end all birthday bashes, Cat in the Hat style. And if anyone deserves to be celebrated, it’s Dr. Seuss himself, who created some of the most iconic, memorable, influential books for generations of young readers. Whether he was teaching basic learning skills (ABCs) or life lessons (Oh the Places You’ll Go), those ridiculous rhymes and off-the-wall stories are simply timeless.

So to celebrate the great Dr. Seuss and all of his literary creations, here are some fun ways to honor and pass on all things Seuss:

Cat in the Hat infant hat, $14 at Sunshine Smiles and Life.

Thing 1 Thing 1 onesies (perfect for twins!), $20 each at Pear of Lemons.

Dr. Seuss reusable snack bags, $6 at Bells and Unicorns.

A sign of my favorite Dr. Seuss quote, $20.95 from Cottage Signs.

Cat in the Hat baby booties, $14 at Little Jumping Beans.

Personalized Dr. Seuss name blocks, $3.50 at Sweet Olivia Designs.

Dr. Suess slim puddle pants, 18 mo. – size 6, $22.50 at My Moni My Mom.

Dr. Seuss Thing 1 hat, $20 from Briar Rose Crafty Thing.

A Dr. Seuss quote to inspire your little one, $32 from Rawart Letterpress.

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