The Perfect Labor Day Weekend Lounger


With my daily posting schedule at Family Style and, that doesn’t leave much time for relaxing and lounging around…sigh. So when I saw this Dream Big lounger/playmat, I envisioned myself falling into its giant plush petals and doing nothing the entire labor day weekend.

Having just watched the movie Babies, I realize of course that kids don’t need half the things we buy for them. Play mats, sanitizers, and most of the stuff we get to keep them sterilized, clean and off the floor are just simply not necessary. That said, the search for the perfect play mat continues. But finding the right one is almost impossible.

There’s the good old standby Skip Hop and of course a various assortment of others foam thingies, but nothing has ever evoked such sheer envy and desire than this amazing Dream Big play mat from Swedish brand Little Red Stuga — perfect for lounging around the house this Labor Day.

More photos and a mini version after the jump…

Designed to look like a flower and just released in September, it’s the softest, most cushiest thing you will ever own. It will also inspire a love of good design and will look amazing on your living room floor. Don’t even think about relegating this thing to the playroom. For almost $1000, the Dream Big play mat deserves to be front and center. Of course, I realize few of us could ever afford this work of beauty, but there’s no shame in ogling the eye candy.

PS. There’s a mini version available on the Little Red Stuga site for less called the Dream Bag.
Photos: Little Red Stuga

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