Dress Alike In Style


I have noticed lately that my seven year old daughter and I are often sartorially in sync. This may be in part because now, more than when I was a child, little girl’s clothes are pretty much shrunken versions of women’s (think J.Crew and Crewcuts, pictured here). And, I do love shopping for my daughter as much as myself and thus, my sprees generally yield clothing for her that I wish were made in my size.

However, our dressed-alike days have truly been serendipitous. Just the other day, we both emerged from our bedrooms wearing denim shorts, white shirts, and leather sandals—mine black, her’s a dark brown. And here’s the thing, as much as I don’t go for my daughter and I being a “twin set,” I do get a kick out of our serendipitous clothing coordination. (Read more about our sartorial synchronicity.)

I thought it would be fun to select some pieces (one for you, one for your little one) that  are similar in look and feel, and completely equal in stylishness.  See my picks after the jump.

For mom: Makie’s  Women’s Pullover Dress in Navy. $285. For daughter: Makie’s Pullover Dress in Navy Print. $168.

For mom: JBrand Low-rise cropped legging style jean. $145. For daughter: Gap Super skinny jeans. $29.50.

For mom: J.Crew Reusable canvas tote , $10. For daughter: Crewcuts girl’s fashion scout tote, $9.50.

For mom: Roberta Roller Rabbit Classic kurta big cata blue, $70. For daughter: Roberta Roller Rabbit classic kurta fish blue  $50.

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