Dyson DC39 Vacuum Review


I was given a new canister vacuum to review from Dyson recently, the DC39. I already owned an upright Dyson that I had purchased five years ago, but I was curious about the new model. Does the ball feature really make that much of a difference? Would the canister be annoying to pull around?

I’ve heard that most people use the same type of vacuum that your parents used. So if you, like most Americans, grew up in a household with an upright vacuum cleaner, that’s probably what you’ll choose too. I did in the past, but I think that I actually prefer a canister now. I didn’t mind the workout aspect of pushing around my heavier vacuum, but this one was so much easier to use.

What I particularly liked about the DC39 was the handle. On my other Dyson, I always wished that the handle had been designed differently. The DC39 is a little space-agey in the looks department, but the handle is awesome because it can be used in its extended state or as a more hand-held version.

Overall, I really liked it, and would recommend it if you’re in the market. The ball maneuverability was much appreciated, and the relatively small size is nice. The only thing I didn’t like is that if anything, I found it to be too powerful for my living room rug, even with the brushes turned off. I have a flat-weave cotton rug, and it just gets sucked right up! It was great on my more substantial area rugs though and the wall-to-wall.

You can learn more about the DC39 right here.

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