Easy, Eco-Friendly Easter Eggs


Back when we were kids, Easter just wasn’t Easter without that vinegary-smelling egg decorating kit that was picked up at the grocery store. But now, as parents in an undeniably more eco-centric world, the thought of unknown chemicals possibly seeping into the eggs might make some families ditch the traditional Easter arts and crafts project altogether. And that’s just sad.

Yet there’s a way that you can still have vibrantly yet naturally colored Easter eggs without the process of using vegetables.

See our favorite eco-friendly egg dying kit:

The Eco-Eggs Easter Egg Coloring Kit is made using all-natural extracts from fruits and vegetables (so you don’t have to dirty your pots and pans), and comes in three natural dyes: orange, blue and purple. (They also include a color chart to create more colors and instructions on how to color them.)

Not only that, but the kit also comes with cute cutouts to create eco-egg creatures. You can order an eco-eggs kit for $16 or search for a local retailer.

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