Eco-Friendly Golf Balls: Great Gift for the Golfer


Dixon Golf doesn’t just want to just “improve your game,” they want to “improve the world.” What does Dixon Golf do that makes going to the green more – well – green? Their balls are totally eco-friendly. Each ball is 100% recyclable and are made from reprocessable materials and the packaging is made from 100% recycled material too.

Your normal everyday golf balls have some icky stuff in them like tungsten, cobalt and lead but these golf balls contain none of those harsh pollutants…

As for performance, these balls are top of the line. And the balls have some celebrity fans including Don Cheadle, Oliver Hudson, Samuel L. Jackson and Kevin Sorbo (Hercules).  The prices range from $24.95 for a dozen of the Dixon Wind Golf Balls to $74.95 for a dozen of  their Dixon Fire balls. You can order some for your own golf pro (or golf pro wannabe) right here.

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