Eco Stylish Mom and Me Necklaces


Accessories for moms and daughtersIf your girls are always rifling through your jewelry box, I don’t have to tell you that your baubles are in constant peril from their prying little hands. But lest you act the accessory curmudgeon (otherwise known as mean mommy) and try to lock up your stash, there is another solution to this all-too common mama drama. Just give them something they can wear proudly on their own that’s just like mom’s.

This matching pair of Mama and Me necklaces (also called “Io & Mamma”) from eco style emporium Shak Shuka are the perfect accessory to set off any summer outfit.

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Mama and Me Necklaces

With three colors available (Minty, Nutty or Candy) to choose from, these baubles (unlike your pearls) won’t combust at the first sign of pulling. Made of wooden beads from renewable forest sourced materials and using only water-based paints, the necklaces come in a cute dotted bag with a color-coded card to help you both match your outfits. Talk about an aspiring fashionista’s dream come true.

Shak Shuka mom and me necklace

So now you could go from “mean mommy” to “best mommy in the whole wide world” in the short time it takes to click here.

Available at Shak Shuka with low, flat rate shipping for US customers.

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