Educational Art


I grew up with a map on the wall and it was a great reminder that there was a whole world out there. Even though my parents couldn’t afford to take us around the world we could look at the map and day dream about all our future adventures. It must have inspired something because I always wanted to travel the world and now I live in Paris. I love all these different maps and educational charts. They are perfect for a kids room. Click through for the slideshow.

  • Keeping it Continental Map 1 of 6
    Keeping it Continental Map
  • World Wide Map 2 of 6
    World Wide Map
  • Periodic Table 3 of 6
    Periodic Table
  • Oh, The Places Youll Learn 4 of 6
    Oh, The Places Youll Learn
  • Get Your Hemispheres Here 5 of 6
    Get Your Hemispheres Here
  • Oui Oui Paree Map 6 of 6
    Oui Oui Paree Map

1. Keeping it Continental Map

2. Periodic Table

3. Oh, The Places You’ll Learn

4. World Wide Map

5. Get Your Hemispheres Here

6. Oui Oui Paree Map