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When I was pregnant my friend, Lisa, gave me a gift I still use to this day–pretty much every day. It’s something I gift all of my pregnant friends (that’s how much I LOVE it). I’m talking about the Patemm pad. It’s a changing pad and diaper bag in one!

When open, the round design serves as a changing pad for baby and toddler. Yes, I said toddler. I’m still using this beauty of a product during the potty-training stage (:/) and even the…plain old changing stage. I spread it open on the beach recently when I was slipping JD out of his wet bathing suit and into clean clothes — clothes I stored in my brown and aqua paisley print Patemm pad.

See, when it’s folded closed…It serves as a (so-chic!) bag, complete with handle for conveinent toting. It has pockets for diapers/Pull-ups, wipes, a travel-size lotion and change of clothes–this cuts down on clunky diaper bag clutter. Click here to see exactly how the wonder pad/bag works.

Now, I’ll let you in on a little secret: I have two of these pads. I keep one, fully loaded in the hatchback of my Jeep, this way, like a Boy Scout, I’m always prepared. I mean, toddlers (especially mine) have accidents, or moms (especially me) sometimes forget to restock the diaper bag with a Pull-Up or package of wipes before leaving the house.

Patemm pads come in lots of chic, whimsical and bright designs — click here to view them all, but here’s a sneak peek:

Starting at $55,

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