Fall Favorites: The Belted Look


A simple leather belt can pull together an outfit to make it just a little more polished. Have you ever tried this look? See some inspiration, after the jump!

  • Tea Length Skirt + Sweater 1 of 5
    Tea Length Skirt + Sweater
    A tea length skirt with tall boots and a belted sweater.
    From Toast
  • Scarf and Long Skirt 2 of 5
    Scarf and Long Skirt
    This belted gingham scarf looks super sweet with a long skirt.
    From Toast
  • Turtleneck + Pleated Skirt 3 of 5
    Turtleneck + Pleated Skirt
    It doesn't get more classic librarian (in a good way!) than a stitched down pleated skirt and a turtleneck, add a belt for shape!
    From Margaret Howell
  • Long Belted Cardi 4 of 5
    Long Belted Cardi
    A belt ties together this layered look. Love those boot socks too!
    From Toast
  • Belted Sweater Vest 5 of 5
    Belted Sweater Vest
    Button-up, a belted sweater vest, and a knee-length skirt create a timeless schoolgirl look. Easy to mix and match for a simple fall uniform!
    From Margaret Howell

If you’d like to try this look, here is the perfect leather belt that darkens with age and is made in your size, to order!

Top photo: Toast.


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