File This Under: Why Didn't I Think Of That?


For you urban mamas who use your city stroller as a main source of transportation, I’m sure you’re well aquainted with your baby stroller’s rain cover. It’s a pretty standard stroller accessory for frequent stroller pushers. But what about you? Do you do the one-handed pushing and one-handed umbrella strolling? Do you throw on some rain gear and pretend the wetness isn’t bothering you?

Well in this genius stroke of mom inventiveness, you don’t have to show up at Mommy and Me looking like a drowned rat.

The My Blue Bumbershoot ($49.99) is a full-coverage, clear umbrella that attaches right to your handlebar. And since it’s a universal fit, you don’t have to worry about having the “right” type of stroller. And then when it stops raining?:

Easy as that.

What do you think? It’s not the most stylish umbrella stroller in the world, but it’s HANDS FREE! A must-have or what?

(Spotted at Cool Mom Picks)