Finally! A Modern Rocking Horse That's Padded!


Don’t get us wrong, we love clean modern lines for kids furniture and play toys but let’s be honest here. All that hard wood isn’t always the most comfy on little bums. That’s why we were super excited to see this line of rocking horses by Moulin Roty and other sit-on animals (like this adorable hippo pictured above) that are softly padded and still modern and chic. Win Win!

Keep reading to see the Crocodile ride-ons and their classic Red Rocking Horse, plus where to buy them!

Right now they’re sold out of a couple UK shops and online, but if you live by an ABC Carpet and Home they’ve been known to carry a few here in the states!

Ride-on Hippo, Ride-on Crocodile, and  Red Rocking Horse.

Images: Moulin Roty

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