Fingerless Gloves for Toddlers & Kids


As we head into Fall, I can’t help but smile thinking about the cool, crisp afternoons ahead and the crinkle-crinkle of leaves chattering under JD’s feet as he runs around the park. So long to tank tops and shorts — and a big hello to hoodies and cameo cargo pants.

It won’t be cold enough for gloves, but to keep my little guy warm this Fall season, I found some rad fingerless gloves. Learn more about my find after the jump! Fingerless Gloves for Toddlers and Kids look like leg warmers for hands and arms. They are so functional and not at all constraining, when you know, your toddler wants to build a massive castle in the sandbox or race his Matchbox cars along the picnic table bench (glimpse into my life!).

Select a color (black, white, baby blue, asphalt or green). Next, choose the decal you want ironed on (hand rocker sign, red stars, disco ball, skull & cross bone + many more!) Available in 2T up to size 8. $15,

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