Five Fun Hannukah Pet Gifts


Does your dog love to Dreidel? Can your cat not get enough Chanukah? Well, now’s the time to lavish your little latke with love. (And speaking of love, don’t you completely love this photo above from Pet Star Photography? You can get these cards on Amazon. Go.)

After all, pets are a big part of the Chosen Tribe…right? Right! So here are some ideas for your favorite little family members to rock out these “Eight Crazy Nights.”

The Dreidel Dog Toy of Awesomeness from Jake’s Dog House


The Crazy Chanukah Catnip Toy from Only Natural Pet Store

The Menorah Dog Hat from Best Friends General Store


The Beastie Band Cat Collar from Gifts dot Com


The Happy Chanukah Dog Outfit from Overstock.

This just makes me happy.

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