Five Rad Valentines Pet Gifts: It's Not Too Early To Think About This.


I just got back from an inspiring weekend at Altitude Design Summit in Salt Lake City, and I found a ton of things to share (and I will); but first, I must tell you that the above photo made me laugh so much that I finally was able to type a complete sentence (See, I was so tired, I was having a hard time thinking straight and typing sentences….get it?…no?…hm…actually, I think my brain is not quite working yet). But look! Funny things for your pet on Valentines…

Keep reading to see the first five of many Valentines Pet Gifts ideas…

Do your pets give out Valentines to their pet friends?

I think perhaps they should. Because that’s kind of awesome.

Or how about an edible card?


Valentines Hearts Dog Collar.

There are so many things I want to type here.

A very Valentiney outfit.

Please please someone buy this. And take a photo of your dog in it and send it to me. It will make my month. Please.

And finally…The Valentines Pet Necktie

Actually, nothing would make me happier than a dog in that above dress + a cat in that above tie, posing together, Valentines dance photo op style.

Please, someone, make that happen.