Flower Advice for Valentine’s Day


As a former floral designer, I’ve been witness to many bewildered customers on Valentine’s Day. They are often confused, scared, and adamant that they must buy a dozen red roses! Here are some ideas for red rose alternatives and ways to mix it up as well as care tips for whatever flowers you may give or receive on Valentine’s Day.

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    Share a Photo
    Pass a subtle hint to your partner by sharing a photo or postcard from your favorite florist.
    Photo and arrangement by Sarah Winward
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    Care Tips
    If you receive a bouquet of flowers for Valentine's Day, re-cut the stems and place them in fresh water. Change out the water every other day if you have time.
    Photo and arrangement by Sarah Winward
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    Alternatives to Red Roses
    Think outside the box (or pass a subtle hint to your partner). Here are just a few of the flowers that are in season and available for Valentine's Day that are not red roses: hyacinth, tulips, anemone, daffodils, ranunculus, casablanca lilies, and tuberose. If you are still a sucker for roses, I recommend "Yves Piaget" a brilliant, dark pink, fragrant French rose. It doesn't get more romantic than this rose. See next slide for an example.
    Photo by Lisa Warninger
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    Mix up Your Roses
    If you do receive some boring red roses, consider running to the grocery or clipping some of your house plants to mix them up into a pretty arrangement. Here are some great mixers for red roses: begonia leaves, "Yves Piaget" French roses, purple or pink ranunculus, hellebores, and celosia.
    Photo and arrangement by Amy Merrick
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    More Care Tips
    Keep your flowers away from drafts, direct sunlight and heaters and they should stay happy for a week.
    Photo by Lisa Warninger for Project Wedding

Top photos: Sarah Winward and Lisa Warninger.

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