For All The Jr. Environmentalists


protect our water poster Children Inspire DesignLike me, I’m sure you’ve been totally bummed out by the Gulf oil spill. There were reports on the radio yesterday about the first signs of oil showing up on the coast and I had such a desire to take some sort of action in response. Clearly, I’m not alone.

Well. Here’s a great way to raise funds for the Gulf’s victims as well as educate and inspire children to protect our environment. Indie art company, Children Inspire Design, has come up with a beautiful Protect Our Water poster to encourage your little activist/eco-kids.

Click through to learn more about this poster and how you can receive an extra deal just for you.

In an effort to help support the Gulf clean up, Children Inspire Design will be selling signed, limited edition prints of the image at the top of this post — that adorable whale and those charming little fish-ies. A full 50% of proceeds will be donated to National Wildlife Federation’s Gulf Oil Spill Restoration Fund.

Extra bonus: along with the print, a $10 gift certificate to will be included. Nice.

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