For Kids Who Love Cars and Legos


Big thanks to the folks at Lego who sent my son, JD, Lego Duplo Cars Flo’s Cafe ($29,99 This was the equivalent of someone sending me a new Fall Marc Jacobs bag and a killer pair of jeans.

See, JD is obsessed with McQueen, Sally, Doc Hudson, Mater — everything Cars (yesterday he saw a line of cones on a road where some men were working and screamed, “The Cozy Cone Motel, Mommy!”) What else is he obsessed with? Legos. He will sit for a long time in the living room building epic towers, car washes, tunnels, bridges, ice cream stores — you name it! His imagination is truly put to the test.

Since Lego was kind enough to gift JD a Cars Duplo set, I scored one for a lucky reader. Read on to see what the set includes and enter to win one (did someone say, I started my holiday shopping early?) Includes 3 cars: Lightning McQueen in his special Radiator Springs paint job, Sally, the pretty Porsche, and Doc Hudson, a.k.a, Fabulous Hudson Hornet. Before you drive them all to Flo’s V-cafe for gas, build it with easy-to-manage Duplo bricks, a sign and gas pump. Lots of other bright pieces, for a grassy scene with a flower! 32 pieces total.

Enter to win by telling me the coolest Lego structure your kid ever made. The commenter with the most fascinating object wins. I’ll email you for your mailing address. Want to win a vacuum? Click here. Contest ends tomorrow!

Photo via Lego