For the Working Mom: Amazing Fabric Business Cards


If you’re like me, you can see only so many boring white business cards before they all start to blend together. That’s why I was beyond excited to come across these fabric business cards Jessica Levitt, of the Juicy Bits blog, created.

Sure, they may not work for those uber conservative business environments, but for any type of job that’s creative–or even just for use as a handy calling card–the fabric business card is a genius idea. According to her Web site, Levitt decided to make the business cards to get word out about her blog–and made tons of cute and unique cards using scraps of fabric.

If someone handed me this business card, I would definitely be impressed–and I’d absolutely hold on to it! (And probably show it to everyone I know–how’s that for publicity?)

If you’re looking for a creative, cute and unique way to get the word about yourself, your work, or anything else–try Levitt’s approach. Click through for more photos of her creations.