Forget The Pool, Build Your Own Water Park Instead


backyard splash pad

Desperate to escape the summer heat? Build your own backyard water park!


  • Backyard Splash Pads 1 of 12
    Backyard Splash Pads
    A splash pad consists of a pad of concrete which has a variety of water jets and fountains built-in to the surface. The secret to the fun they provide lies in the varying height and alternating water flows.
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  • Fun For The Whole Family 2 of 12
    Fun For The Whole Family
    Whether it's splashing fun for the toddlers or a water gun battlefield for older kids, splash pads have something to offer children of all ages. Who wouldn't love to have a water park in their backyard?
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  • A Safer Alternative 3 of 12
    A Safer Alternative
    Swimming pools introduce a number of safety concerns for your backyard. Though these concerns can be taken care of, they do require proper planning. Splash pads have a significantly reduced risk of drowning.
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  • An Affordable Alternative 4 of 12
    An Affordable Alternative
    Though splash pads are not exactly cheap, they are considerable more affordable than a swimming pool. Prices generally start at around $2-3k.
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  • All The Fun Without The Hassle 5 of 12
    All The Fun Without The Hassle
    Anyone that has a pool knows how difficult they can be to clean and maintain. Splash pads require substantially less time and effort.
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  • Clean & Simple 6 of 12
    Clean & Simple
    The water is stored in an underground tank. It's filtered and recycled to conserve water.
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  • Do It Yourself 7 of 12
    Do It Yourself
    For the industrious types, there are several kits available on the market that allow you to build your own splash pad. A father of four built this splash pad in the backyard of their Florida home.
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  • Time-Tested Fun 8 of 12
    Time-Tested Fun
    Splash pads are hardly a new concept. They've been around for decades in amusements parks and water parks around the world. Having one of your own in your backyard, however, is a fairly new concept.
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  • Water Features Galore 9 of 12
    Water Features Galore
    An endless variety of water features can be combined to create a unique experience for your backyard. The only limit is your imagination!
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  • A Refreshing Way To Stay Cool 10 of 12
    A Refreshing Way To Stay Cool
    Why turn on a garden hose and waste all of that water? Ditch the sprinkler and spring for a splash pad!
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  • Fun For All Ages 11 of 12
    Fun For All Ages
  • Escape The Summer Heat 12 of 12
    Escape The Summer Heat
    Why let the kids have all the fun? Everyone can appreciate a cold splash of water on a hot summer day.
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