Free ecards for Valentine's Day: Funniest Someecards


If you’re going to give a free ecard on Valentine’s Day, you’ve waited until the last possible minute to think about Valentine’s Day. Odds are, Valentine’s Day isn’t something you mark on your calendar with a red heart or even something you register as a real holiday. So here you are, searching for something that will make up for the fact that you simply didn’t put much thought into this day of romance, hearts and flowers.

Your only real option at this point is an ecard. It’s cheap, easy, quick — but there’s still one little problem: There’s not much romance involved. That’s why we suggest going the humorous route, since she can’t be mad if she’s laughing.

An ecard is also the perfect option to show your friends and family that you thought of them (without forking over cash).

Here are our favorite free ecards for Valentine’s Day to make her laugh from someecards:

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