Fun And Adorable Bedding For The Whole Family!


For some reason, I have a hard time with bedding. I can never seem to find some that I love for the whole family. Feliz has some fantastic bedding that everyone will love!

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  • Neon Red 2 of 11
    feliz 01

    I'm a sucker for neon red. Then add confetti like dots and it's over. 

    Get it here for $190 from Feliz.

  • Gold Confetti 3 of 11
    feliz 02

    I mean, really? Who wouldn't love this? It's perfect for those who may not be neon fans.

    Get it here for $190 from Feliz.

  • Shapes 4 of 11
    feliz 03

    I can totally see this in a little kid's room. I love all the funky shapes.

    Get it here for $170 from Feliz.

  • Love & Happiness 5 of 11
    feliz 04

    Cute pillowcases in awesome colors. 

    Get them here for $35 from Feliz.

  • Mountains 6 of 11
    feliz 05

    These fun little mountains are perfect for anyone's room! Simple and subtle. I love it. 

    Get it here for $170 from Feliz.

  • Dog 7 of 11
    feliz 06

    My son loves dogs. I'm pretty sure he would be in love with this duvet. 

    Get it here for $170 from Feliz.

  • Owl 8 of 11
    feliz 07

    It's just too cute. The neon and the owl are awesome and would look awesome in a girl's room.

    Get it here for $170 from Feliz.

  • Squares 9 of 11
    feliz 08

    It reminds me of square confetti. Which is also very good.

    Get it here for $170 from Feliz.

  • Fox 10 of 11
    feliz 09

    Aren't the colorful triangles on his back awesome? I love the grey polka dots too.

    Get it here for $35 from Feliz.

  • Crib Sheet 11 of 11
    feliz 10

    Such an adorable touch to a nursery. And not a horrible price either! I mean, that baby looks pretty happy.

    Get it here for $39 from Feliz.

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