Fun And Quirky Nursery Decor


Generally, I like a nursery to be clean, colorful and generally simple. But every now and then a nursery needs a little something fun and quirky! These wall hangings from Herman Marie are the perfect amount of fun and quirky to go in any nursery! The colors are awesome and the funny illustrations are cute and the kids will love them for years to come. Doesn’t that sound like something your little one could use in their nursery? I thought so.

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  • Mushrooms 2 of 9
    herman 01

    Mushrooms are great. They work for a boy or a girl and make any room a little more whimsical. 

    Get them here for $41 from Herman Marie

  • Orange Bear 3 of 9
    herman 02

    The most adorable bear that ever was. How can I resist a bear in a bow tie? 

    Get it here for $35 from Herman Marie

  • Sleepy Plant 4 of 9
    herman 03

    Want some greenery in your nursery without all the watering and worrying if (when) the little one will dig into it? Behold the answer! 

    Get it here for $32 from Herman Marie

  • Big Bow 5 of 9
    herman 04

    Again, how could I resist? The bow tie is perfect and the eyes are just so cute. 

    Get it here for $46 from Herman Marie

  • Hearts 6 of 9
    herman 05

    What little girl wouldn't love these hearts on her wall? The mint color is awesome and how cute are those eye lashes? 

    Get them here for $51 from Herman Marie

  • Lion 7 of 9
    herman 06

    This little guy makes me laugh. It would be a perfect addition for your tiny man's space. 

    Get it here for $44 from Herman Marie

  • Anatomy 8 of 9
    herman 07

    Isn't this hilarious? These cute guts would be perfect for your little inquisitive kid. So fun! 

    Get it here for $56 from Herman Marie

  • Boy 9 of 9
    herman 08

    I didn't see a girl one in the shop, but I think it would be adorable to have these for a boy and girl who share a room. Cute, right? 

    Get it here for $38 from Herman Marie

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