Fun For Sleepy Heads: Bed Toppings


Ever dream about what it would be like to sleep in a giant chocolate bar?  How about snuggling in amongst happy, sleeping colored pencil crayons?  Or maybe a flower bed? Say what? Yes, your sweetest dreams are coming true with this fun bedding out of Australia called Bed Toppings! From sweet chocolate bar sets to a can of sardines, Bed Toppings turn kids beds into giant objects! Check out the goodness in the slideshow below! (And yes, they ship internationally!)

  • Chocolate Bar Pillowcase 1 of 8
    Chocolate Bar Pillowcase
    Sweet dreams are on the way with this fun little chocolate bar pillow!, $25AUD.
  • Chocolate Bar Set 2 of 8
    Chocolate Bar Set
    Turn any single bed into a giant chocolate bar., $105AUD (Single).
  • Colored Pencil Set 3 of 8
    Colored Pencil Set
    Color your dreams with Snooze Time Dreaming Pencils. Sleep amongst the colourful pencils and pull the pencil box over you as your comforter.,(Pre-order only. Price not avail) .
  • Colored Pencil Sheets 4 of 8
    Colored Pencil Sheets
    Matching sheets to go along with the colored pencil comforter., (Pre-order only. Price not avail) .
  • Eraser Pillowcase 5 of 8
    Eraser Pillowcase
    Rub out any bad dreams with your giant Eraser pillowcase!, $28AUD.
  • Flowerbed Set 6 of 8
    Flowerbed Set
    Wake up and smell the flowers in your very own flower bed!, $265AUD (Set).
  • Flowerbed Sheet 7 of 8
    Flowerbed Sheet
    Don't forget the matching flowerbed sheets!, $265AUD (Set).
  • Can of Sardines 8 of 8
    Can of Sardines
    There's nothing cozier than being packed in like sardines. Dream of catching a big fish as you sleep amongst your new friends., (Pre-order only. Price not avail) .

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