Fun Shop For Kid's Plush Toys



All kids love being able to walk into a store and adopt a soft, stuffed baby of their own. Something about the power of choice and the somber significance of adoption really gets to the ten-and-under set. Huck and I recently discovered a similar concept on the Internet the other day and thought we’d share. It was the most fun we’ve had browsing the Internet together since we discovered Small Potatoes videos on YouTube!

To find out about this fun plushy company, click after the jump!

It works like this: you go to, browse through their small selection of stuffed animals and who-knows-whats, grab what your toddler declares looks most loveable, and then check out on your merry way. Each stuffed toy comes pre-named and I swear they look at you with such quiet desperation. “Adopt me!” They seem to plead. Okay, there’s no actual adoption process at the end. But the slideshow format is actually really fun; I easily killed 1o minutes going through them all (during nap time, even. What has become of me?).

Anyway. There is something about that Victor the Hedgehog that appealed to all my maternal instincts.

You see it too?

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