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One of my most favorite trends this season has got to be all the faux fur items, especially in vest or eternity scarf form. I love to wear it with jeans in a grungy vibe, I love to pair it with sparkles for a night on the town, and I kind of love to wear it with pajamas while I bum around the house. Faux fur all the time!

But it can be the kind of item you’re not sure about, at first. I know it was for me! And so, a quick slideshow of hip, easy ways to wear your faux fur–featuring a few New Years Eve looks–plus my favorite source for faux fur eternity scarves! I’m calling it, “Fur And Dot Dot Dot!” Go for it!

  • . . . Sparkles! 1 of 12
    . . . Sparkles!
    A fabulous fur shrug is exactly what your New Years Eve ensemble is needing, wouldn't you say?
    This Fur And... is found at Dust Jacket Attic
  • . . . Thick Rimmed Glasses 2 of 12
    . . . Thick Rimmed Glasses
    The juxtaposition of the nerdy with the luxurious is what really sells this look, I suppose.
    This Fur And... is found at J. Crew
  • . . . Casual Layers 3 of 12
    . . . Casual Layers
    Sort of a hippie vibe. I dig it. Do you?
    This Fur And... is found at Style Pantry
  • . . . Sweet Skirts 4 of 12
    . . . Sweet Skirts
    I love how a casual faux fur shrug will toughen up even the most ethereal of skirts.
    This Fur And... is found at Habibi
  • . . . Denim 5 of 12
    . . . Denim
    A very traditional spin, when you stop to think about it.
    This Fur And... is found at B Jones Style
  • . . . Prints 6 of 12
    . . . Prints
    Divine. I would like very much this whole ensemble, please.
    This Fur And... is found at ASOS
  • . . . Outerwear 7 of 12
    . . . Outerwear
    Faux fur is a winter staple for a reason: it's warm, it's snuggly, it catches snowflakes in just the most delightful way . . .
    This Fur And... is found at ASOS
  • . . . Capes! 8 of 12
    . . . Capes!
    I mean, obviously.
    This Fur And... is found at ASOS
  • . . . Stripes 9 of 12
    . . . Stripes
    Shh, yes, this is my own humble submission. But then, I like just about anything with stripes.
    This Fur And... is found at Nat The Fat Rat
  • . . . Black! 10 of 12
    . . . Black!
    A little bit of brown fur against an all-black get up is the perfect hit of texture and interest.
    This Fur And... is found at Vanessa Jackman
  • . . . Silk! 11 of 12
    . . . Silk!
    Such a play on textures! I also am really dying over the leopard style of that stole.
    This Fur And... is found at Style Cramping
  • . . . Velvet! 12 of 12
    . . . Velvet!
    I could party all night in such a cozy neckline.
    This Fur And... is found at Sparkles And Pretending

P.S. My favorite place to buy a faux fur stole just happens to be Urban Outfitters. Check these out!

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