Gorgeous Handmade Furniture by Greg Hatton


Greg Hatton Furniture

Furniture shopping can sometimes be a tedious task, with retail stores often only carrying pieces produced as cheaply as possible. It’s always nice to see unique handcrafted furniture—sometimes it’s worth the splurge for a truly unique piece of functional art.

Greg Hatton’s handmade nature-inspired furniture will certainly pass the test of time in any family’s home.

Greg Hatton Wooden Stools

Greg Hatton is a furniture and landscape designer that practices what he calls “practical environmentalism.” All of his work is constructed with reclaimed materials so that nature isn’t hurt by his process—he uses found found objects, trees that have been introduced to an area that causes land degradation, and fallen trees or timber when available.

Greg Hatton Handmade Chair

Greg’s inner child comes to play when searching for the right materials that will inspire his next project, as all his pieces are made-to-order. You can definitely see in every piece that a great deal of thought was put into each material, color, and cut.

Greg Hatton Furniture Storage Credenza

The pieces have a wonderful modern feel while still holding onto that comfortable vibe behind the natural materials. His style takes a giant leap past the traditional country look of natural furniture and has a sophisticated personality of its own. What’s not to like?

Visit Greg Hatton’s website for more delightful nature-inspired furniture!


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