Furniture That Grows With Your Child


Adensen Smart Kids Furniture

Most of the things you buy for your baby are outgrown before they even have a chance to break them in: the cute shoes with miniature rubber soles (even though they will never walk in them), the perfect crib you searched for so long to find, and the list goes on and on.

Here’s a clever line of furniture that grows with your child, saving untold amounts of storage space (and money).

Smart Kid by Adensen starts out as a space-saving crib/changing table with storage for linens and baby care accessories. When your child is ready to transition to a real bed, it becomes a five drawer desk, bed and chalkboard. Such a cool idea!

Andesen Smart Kid furniture

Adensen Smart Kid furniture

Adensen Smart Kid furniture

Adensen Smart Kid furniture

They also offer a super fun cradle and rocking horse:

Adensen Cradle and Rocking Horse

Adensen Cradle

Adensen Cradle and Rocking Horse

Available for purchase on the Adensen website.


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