Furniture To Grow With Your Kids!


This is some of the most beautiful furniture I have ever seen. The light wood is so pretty and it goes with literally anything! If you want to dress it up with some bright and vivid colors, this furniture will work great. Or keep it simple with subtle and subdued color schemes, that works too! The makers of this furniture, Kids On Roof, say that it is made to grow with your kids. In other words, it will last! I really do love how versatile it is. You can change patterns and styles in and out and not have to worry about the color of the furniture matching everything. It will! The modern and clean design is amazing. It’s kind of hard to find great and lasting furniture that is also well designed and for kids these days. Pretty much impossible actually. I really can’t say enough wonderful things about this furniture! You’ll be hooked to. Click through to see more!

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    kids on room 03

    Click through to see more beautiful furniture with kids in mind! 

  • Bench 2 of 7
    kids on room 01

    This super clean lined bench style couch is awesome. I love the mismatched cushions too. Great colors! 

    Get it here from Kids On Roof

  • Big Table 3 of 7
    kids on room 02

    Um, this is the prettiest  table I have ever seen. Those legs are perfect and I love the design on the table top! 

    Get it here for 389 Euros from Kids On Roof

  • Kids Table 4 of 7
    kids on room 03

    It's similar to the big table, but for kids! They will love it. So very much. 

    Get it here for 169 Euros from Kids On Roof

  • Stool 5 of 7
    kids on room 04

    Use it as a stool to go around the kids table, or as a tiny side table. Either way, it's adorable. 

    Get it here for 69 Euros from Kids On Roof

  • Blue Home 6 of 7
    kids on roof 05

    This play house isn't exactly furniture, but it might as well be! You can let your child decorate it with not so permanent items and they can change it up as often as they like so it can grow with them. Genius, right? 

    Get it here for 14 Euros from Kids On Roof

  • Rocket 7 of 7
    kids on roof 06

    It's just like the play house, but bigger and it's a rocket. Let them decorate it to make it their own. They will love it! 

    Get it here for 42 Euros from Kids On Roof

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