Gardening With Kids: 3 Gardening Books That Will Have You Digging in the Dirt!


This summer we have been out in the garden planting and picking fresh fruits and veggies almost every day. Now that Scarlet’s getting older she has taken a much greater interest into gardening and is a huge help. When we’re not outside in the dirt she’s chatting away inside about how seeds grow, how to plant them, and why we need to care for them. Gardening has even become a hot topic before bedtime while we read our favorite gardening book, The Curious Garden. Keep reading to find out where to get a copy of your own and to see the other two gardening books we are loving this summer…

You can get your copy of The Curious Garden for $10.61 at Amazon.

We are also loving My Garden for $12.23 at Amazon

And you can’t forget Planting a Rainbow for $7.99 at Amazon.

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