Cool Backpacks from Garnet Hill


The first week of August is almost down for the count. Are you making back-to-school lists yet? The first thing we’ll be shopping for at the Blair house is new backpacks. I like what I’m seeing from the Garnet Hill 2010 Collection. “Ergonomically designed with kids in mind and made from rugged, easy-to-clean material, they’re loaded with roomy zippered compartments to tote all their stuff.” That all sounds wonderful, but what I’m really drawn to is the seven happy prints.

Learn more about the backpack options when you click through.

There’s the Backpack — designed for kids age 7 and up. With features like a mesh water-bottle pocket, sturdy metal loops for attaching a lunch pack and an MP3-player pocket. $39.50

There’s the Backpack Jr. — designed for kids age 4 and up. With features like a big enough main pocket to hold a standard folder (your preschool teacher will thank you!), padded straps and a built-in organizer. $29.50

There’s also the Lunch Pack. It’s insulated, with a new design that fits a 20 oz. water bottle and attaches to the backpacks. $16.50

I can’t decide which print is my favorite.