Genius Invention the Tag*a*long


Tag a Long for toddlersIf you are “blessed” to find yourself in the conundrum that is a toddler and new baby at the same time but you don’t want to make the jump to the double stroller enter the  tag*a*long.

The tag*a*long is a simple, fun way for kids to walk comfortably next to a stroller. Just attaching the tag*a*long requires no tools and will fit on most strollers, providing a dedicated and fun place to hold onto.

This is just the solution we’ve been looking for in our family and it makes sense that it was invented by a mom with two young kids!

Find out where you can get the tag*a*long. after the jump!

The tag*a*long comes in four bright colors and can be bought right here for $10.  A small price to pay for a non-wandering toddler.

Keep your toddler attached to the stroller