Genius Removable Wallpaper That's Not Wallpaper


There are a lot of products that cross my path, between my inbox, stash of magazines and the addictive blogosphere. But when I saw The Wall Sticker Company featured over at A List Mom yesterday, this shot up to one of my very favorite finds of the year.

It looks like wallpaper, it feels like wallpaper — but it’s actually a giant wall sticker. A removable wall sticker, at that, which means there’s no glue, no headache, no landlord issues. And because it’s removable, you can simply remove, adjust and re-stick as you jazz up your walls.

I’m seriously in love with that full-wall map (remember me and my map obsession?), but I can’t decide between these other styles, too:

The wall map is a little more than I’d like to spend ($520), but the other designs are a more affordable $130 for an entire wall. See all of the different (not-)wallpaper wall stickers at The Wall Sticker Company.

[Via: AList Mom]

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