Get A Head Start On Breast Cancer Awareness Month With These Beads!


As October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, approaches, so many companies are already working on how to promote breast cancer awareness and support research for a cure. Chamilia, a gorgeous line of jewelry, is getting in on the fundraising with some great pieces.

As part of Chamilia’s Give Back program, the company will feature two breast cancer specific beads that you can purchase to put on jewelry that you can design yourself. Chamilia will donate 25% of the proceeds of all the Breast Cancer beads to Breast Cancer Network of Strength, USA and the Breast Cancer Research, UK.

You can purchase a sterling silver ribbon with pink CZ for $45, or a 14K gold ribbon with pink CZ for $385, and put them on a piece of jewelry you design–or you can splurge on Chamilia’s Breast Cancer bracelet. The Breast Cancer bracelet features beads that represent and encourage hope and perseverance as well as two Breast Cancer beads. The beads on the bracelet range from $27-$65 each, and the total price of the bracelet is $898.

Whether you go with the bracelet, or just one or two of the Breast Cancer beads, it’ll make a wonderful statement and a gorgeous gift for yourself or someone else.