Get a Robot; Reclaim Nap Time


Mint Automatic Floor CleanerYesterday I swept four times (breakfast, lunch, sandbox, dinner) and mopped twice (smoothie, pee). This was a pretty normal day. Which is why I am getting a robot.

The Mint automatic floor cleaner is not available for purchase just yet, but if you would rather spend your free time with an US Weekly than a Swiffer Wet Jet, I recommend reserving one now. (Apparently reservations will be fulfilled on a first come first serve basis, and the cleaners are expected to start shipping out sometime this summer.)

The concept is simple: Mint uses wet or dry cleaning cloths (Swiffer etc) to keep hard-surface floors spic and span. All you do is attach the cloth and press start. The device has an internal gps-like system that makes sure it covers your whole floor, doesn’t miss a spot, and doesn’t clean the same area over and over. Plus its compact design and low profile means it can fit under the sofa, around table legs, everywhere your kids can spill juice and sprinkle crumbs.

Photos: Mint

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