Get Touchy With Your Gadgets


Etre Touchy iPad Gloves

Now you can spare the rest of your fingers from the cold while using your iPhone or iPad (or any other touchscreen device)—Etre Touchy gloves keep your hands cozy and warm while leaving your index finger and thumb exposed to touch, tap, slide, and pinch.

Etre Touchy iPhone Gloves

Etre Touchy gloves come fit for women or men—a great addition to any winter weather gear. They’re made from 100% pure wool, no synthetic fibers.

Etre Touchy iPhone Gloves

Not only do the gloves help you out with touchscreen gadgets, but you can also use them for touchscreen kiosks, taking photographs, using your computer touchpad, or for a simple scratch of your nose.

Etre sells the gloves in 10 different patterns, striped and solids in various colors, all for £19.99 (roughly $31) on their website.

Visit Etre’s online shop to purchase!

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