Get Your Favorite Catalogs and Save a Tree or Two!


Are you a catalog lover? It’s always lovely to thumb through the latest offerings from Anthropologie or JCrew. But hearing that over 5.6 million tons(!) of catalog and other junk mail ads end up in landfills every year, is disheartening. So I was super happy to come across the new Catalogue app.

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With Catalogue, you can have over 75 different catalogs (Nordstroms, Crate & Barrel, Boden…) delivered straight to your iPad, Kindle Fire, or Android. There’s even functionality to create your own catalog of favorite finds, share with friends, or see if something you’ve got your eye on is available in stores. There’s also that whole bonus of saving trees and cutting down on landfill waste which sounds pretty awesome to me!

You can download Catalogue on iTunesAmazon, and for Android here.


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