Gift Ideas for Bosses


Let me guess…you recently heard that “Bosses Day” is just around the corner and you want to make sure you don’t show up on the 16th empty-handed.  But not just that…you want to impress your boss and show him/her what good taste you have.  So, what do you gift your boss?   You realize it must be tasteful, stylish, useful, and above all, thoughtful; and all the while you must remain professional.

Let’s talk about a few gift ideas that meet all the above criterion (no ties included!):

1. I love the simple, industrial look of Caran d’Ache pens, especially these ones (my husband has a similar version, which I regularly steal).  There’s a lot to love here–these are Swiss (and let’s be honest…anything European stands out as special), they are high-quality, and they are unique.

budget -$18/ reasonable – $28 / splurge – $105

2. Be thoughtful.  Do a little research. And you’ll be amazed with the results!  Discover something interesting about your boss, and then run with it.  For example, a friend of mine found out that her boss lived abroad in France for a couple of years back in the day.  After a little searching, she discovered that a local bakery makes a famous French pastry that receives rave reviews–she decided to order a dozen.  It turns out, this box of pastries was the favorite gift (and there were many presented).

3. Gifts created around “experiences” also go a long way with recipients.  If your boss happens to be a female, consider presenting her with a gift certificate to a salon or spa in her local town or neighborhood.  Attach a bottle of OPI nail color to the gift certificate for extra points in the presentation department.  She’ll be pleased you went to the trouble of finding a convenient location whilst providing her with a well-needed (and hopefully well-deserved!), short-term respite.

Photo Credit: fritzhayek

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