Gilt Wine Totes, Get Them Quick!


These Wine Totes are on sale right now on Gilt: $29 for 4. This is the perfect all around gift. Do yourself a favor, order two sets of these and keep them on hand for when you you are running on your way to a dinner party. Just throw a bottle of wine into one of these and you look like the most thoughtful guest ever.

This set of totes comes in four styles. Tuscany, Napa Valley, Bordeaux and La Rioja. All written in an adorably imperfect style in a lovely green, blue, purple, and a happy florescent pink. You thought these were cute, well wait until you see what the back of these little bags look like.

Click through to see the back side of the wine totes.

We’ve just ordered a set for us. Get yours before it’s too late.