Giveaway: Bottle Buddy


You know those times when you are scooping formula into a bottle, get completely distracted, lose count and have to start over? Well, that no longer has to be an issue with the Bottle Buddy.

The Bottle Buddy is an electronic formula dispenser that accurately counts a pre-set amount of powdered infant and follow-on formula into a baby’s bottle. Life just got a little bit easier. Worried that it might not work with your formula? Compatible with all leading brands of formula, the Bottle Buddy is designed to hold a 32 ounce/900 gram tin of formula powder in its transparent container which remains sealed, keeping formula sterile at all times and eliminating any possible contamination. Making sure that your baby is getting the exact right amount of formula is key, which means reliability is of the utmost importance. The Bottle Buddy is made from 100% BPA-free plastic and has been tested for its accuracy by the National Weights and Measures Laboratory.

The Bottle Buddy is starting to sound like a lifesaver right about now. You can buy The Bottle Buddy for $89.99 at Compac Industries Inc. However, keep reading to learn how to enter for the chance to win a Bottle Buddy of your very own.

To enter for the chance to win The Bottle Buddy, leave a comment on this post anytime between now and Monday, Dec. 12th at midnight PST. For additional entries, share this post on Twitter and/or Facebook, and leave a comment each time letting us know. Come back every day for new entries. Good Luck!

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